Nannies As Needed (NAN) is a unique family care service providing exceptional daily short and long term childcare on an as needed basis.  We have proudly served thousands of families throughout Connecticut since 2004.  And, we are truly humbled that our clients continue to reaffirm that we are the preferred childcare provider in Fairfield and New Haven Counties by having voted NAN as the Best of the Gold Coast for the past 9 years in a row!

We have a wide range of professional and extensively qualified childcare providers on staff, ranging from college students to grandmothers.  Each of our dedicated staff is bonded and has been meticulously screened through our comprehensive, multi-tiered interview process. From our team, you can expect your instructions to be followed and your safety protocols kept!

As we all know, childcare now extends beyond simply nurturing – it often includes education support.  This is important when it comes to online and virtual learning from home.  Our focus is to help you to address as many of the needs found in day to day family life as possible through a single, trusted, reliable and easy to use source . . . and that is NAN!

Nannies As Needed is a personal, family oriented company.  We recognize that the dynamics of each family that we serve are different and we pride ourselves in working with them so as to make a real difference with those we serve.  Whether we find you that ideal sitter who just meshes perfectly with your kids or simply introduce you to a provider who makes sure home learning completes on time, you can count on us to be there for you!

Give us a call and let’s create a childcare plan that works for you!  Whether it’s for one day, one month or longer . . . NAN is the one for you!

Better Than Ever!

Yup, NAN is alive and well and ready for the new school year …offering the same quality service, safety consciousness, flexibility and attention to detail while maintaining our personal touch with each and every family!  These are the hallmarks that NAN was founded upon and which have not changed.  We are very proud of this!   

And, we are delighted to realize that you must really like what we are doing because, you have just voted us

Best of the Gold Coast ‘20

Nanny/Babysitting Services

For the 9th Year in a Row!


Thank You! Thank You!


But as Happy as we are with such an Outstanding Recognition, NAN is evolving.…

C19 has nudged us into a slightly new direction, changing “what we offer” and “how we do business”.  For the sake of greater safety, it’s the right thing to do for all of us.


We are now VNAN…

Virtual Nannies As Needed

This means….

- We offer, childcare services only….plain and simple.  Due to safety concerns, we are no longer offering Home HELP, Senior Care, or Transportation (unless in conjunction with childcare)

- We are also focusing on longer term requests and more consistency of provider.  This means that you can request a 1 week, 2 week, 1 month or longer job and have the same sitter in most cases. This fundamentally changes our business model, sitter hiring criteria and the effort required to fill your requests, but it certainly represents a safer alternative for you! And, rest assured, we still do single day placements, with your favorite sitter, as much as possible.

- We now require a 24hr notice on all childcare requests….again this is due to the required safety validations that must be undergone before we can send a sitter to your home.  We can no longer accept same day requests.

- All job confirmations must be completed live and in person by phone or virtually between the client and sitter.  This assures that the safety concerns of both parties can be addressed before a sitter arrives on site.

- In addition to calls, we will still accept requests on-line via the Job Request System or your personal e-mail.  However, no request will be acted upon before we talk with you personally to discuss your safety standards  and that of your household.

That’s about it!  In the meantime, if you have any questions or just want to talk about your specific situation, just call me (203-451-3276) and we can work it through.

As for School…. It’s pretty clear that most school plans will continue to be tweaked and will probably do so throughout the year. It appears that no two school districts will be alike in terms of hours, format and safety practices.  As you are being asked to be flexible by the schools, that applies to us at VNAN as well! We hope to adapt to your changes as they occur.  We are up to the task!

So, get us involved as your plans develop and change and we’ll be there to keep you covered!


Be Safe and Let's Keep it that Way!


                                                    Margie Royster 

                                                     Nannies As Needed

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: Closed

Office Numbers:

Main: 203-451-3276

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